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So even if only for a moment… I have past @film_girl in Atlanta as the number one ranked tweet in the ATL.
I have to admit. That’s pretty cool.
I have a twitter grade of 100.0
Mom, dad, I know I had a hard time in college, but I am acing Twitter.
Out of 548,975 twitter users in the world, I am ranked #135.
How is it graded?
It is calculated as a percentile score. A grade of 100.0 means that @loswhit scores higher than 100.0 percent of the 548975 users that have been graded.
* The number of followers you have
* The power of this network of followers
* The pace of your updates
* The completeness of your profile
* …a few others

In the ATL rankings I see some friends with me in the Top 50

These guys are twitter machines. @flowerdust is #2 in Nashville!!!
But I shall reign supreme for the moment and gloat in web 2.0 glory.

So everybody now…

Come follow me on twitter
Just make sure you don’t get updates as text messages on your phone…
I might cost a couple bucks.

Tweet Tweet…