It’s a dance on this blog.
There are those of us who “seem” more of the world than in it.
There are those of us who love telling other people about the state of which they are sunk.
I don’t think there is a clear answer nor will there ever be.
But I think that my man Kary Oberbrunner has gotten us closer in his book The Fine Line.
Here is a small description…

“…Our difference from the world, not our similarity to it sets us apart. But even though Christ followers are called to be different, we’re also called to transform the world. Here lies the tension. We can’t be so far removed from the world that we lose contact, and we can’t be so much like the world that we’re no different from it…”

Let’s be honest. This is a fight.
It is a fight for most of us.
On one side or the other.
Kary gives us a feel as to how to walk that “fine line”.

If you are up for a good book and a challenging one at that, I would order his book.
He is a brilliant communicator and the pace of the book feels great.
It is not a “fast read”, or at least it was not for me.
But don’t let that sway you from picking it up.
Even a chapter at a time gives you enough content to wade through for weeks.