Saving Christmas from buckheadchurch on Vimeo.

Well guys.  Here it is.
Proud would be an understatement as to how I feel about the job my team did on this.
Josh Peters, my video director, was the mastermind and muscle behind this project.
The rest of us surrounded him and helped out however we could.
Let me setup how we used this film.

Our Christmas services were last Sunday. Dec. 21st.
We played the first half of the film after the main worship set and then Jeff came out and gave a brilliant message that tied the film back to itself after his talk.
To see Jeff’s talk click here.

From concept to completion we saw the film go through lots of changes.
But all in all it took about a month to ideate, write, cast, shoot, and edit.
Go ahead and spread the film around the web and maybe Chris’ small realization at the end of the film will spark something in someone else.

I’d love to know your thoughts.

And yes.  Watching it on the Vimeo site makes your experience BIGGER.