Let me preface this post by saying that we hire and rotate worship leaders at Buckhead Church. They are amazing and God fearing. This post is about what works for you and why.

Why the preface?
Because although that is the way it is done around here, I am constantly searching for ways to close the gap.
For ways to create a trusting relationship with our attenders and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
So I wonder.
2 Questions.
1. Do you feel that it is as important for the attenders to have as consistent a relationship with the worship leader that stands before them as they have with the communicator that stands before them?
2. Do you feel like the worship leader needs to be an integral part of that church family in order to appropriately lead them where they are at?
I have feelings both ways on the subject and look forward to discussing them with you in the comment section below.
Oh. And b4 you answer…please do so with respect and without sticking your foot in your piehole.
Talk to me…