So Craig over at Swerve had a great post up today.I’m blatantly ripping it off for the sake of this community and rewording it to fit me and my own experiences and others I know.
A lukewarm worship leader:

  • Prays more on stage than off stage.
  • Cares more about how many songs he or she is leading than the overall shape of the service.
  • Is overly sensitive to criticism.
  • Is jealous or critical of someone else that God is blessing.
  • Spends little if any time in the Word preparing to lead His Church.
  • Sings more songs on stage than in personal worship.
  • Spends more time mimicking other worship leaders then being shaped into the worship leader they were made to be.
  • Says things on stage that his or her family NEVER hear them say off stage.

Keep adding your own bullet points here…