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I can’t do it.
I mean seriously.
When I lost my 30+ lb’s 2 years ago Weight Watchers was my savior.
But I’m dangerously close to falling back into the fat pastor syndrome.
The one who preaches you stop fornicating while wiping jelly donut off his cheek.
I don’t get it.
The first time I did it with flying colors.
I think it was the triple threat accountability.
1. You saw me fail or secceed.
2. I got to video capture myself.
And I always love the camera.
3. I had the weekly weight watchers accountability.

I need to get back on that wagon.
I’m currently 205 and if I wanted to I could make my index finger disappear into the canyon that is my belly button.
So I ask for your health advice…

What has worked for you and why?