This is how I feel today.
Today would be akin to opening your new restaurant and 5 hours before it opens, it floods.
Not everything is ruined. Just what touches the floor. ­čśë
Luckily, the gracious patrons of my restaurant are planning on eating for 4 months so we shall open next week.
That is the long way of saying that today was the launch of my Creative Coaching Network and my laptop crashed with all my curriculum on it at 2 am.

So I started over again this morning. ┬áLuckily it’s all in my heart anyways.
An army of creatives with Christ as our center is forming.
And we won’t be stopped.
So when it hits the fan in your life, pick up your head, dust off, and sprint into battle.

I’m sure today will be a great introduction to a book someday.
What hit the fan in your life this week?