Twitter was blowing up today with Michael Jackson hype.
What I was paying attention to was the Jesus loving tweets.
I found it quite nauseating that I kept seeing “Christians” shouting that it was a shame that a child molester was getting such a grand exit, ect.
All I kept thinking was, “Dang. I sure hope these tweets don’t show up at my memorial service. Because if anyone does not deserve a good memorial service, it’s me.”
See here’s the deal.
Not one of us deserves any good and perfect thing we have been given.
Not one.
The second we as Christ followers begin to label “good” and “bad” then God help us all.
The hype around MJ is nauseating.
I want to know what is going on in Iran.
Not about MJ’s doctors.
But it is what it is.
And I grieved today with his children on losing their father and the guy’s who concert I went to in 3rd grade when I spent 65 dollars on a white 3 dollar glove.
So you tell me.
And I honestly want to know…

What were your thoughts on today’s Michael Jacksonness?