About 7 weeks ago I dreamed this up…
One week later I blogged this…
Last week this happened…
Today this happened…
I missed a few screen shots but 27 creatives gathered to push and pull each other into a greater understanding of how our spirituality and creativity cannot exist apart from one another.
We looked deep into the aspect that the Divine lives within us and because of that, our role as creatives is to put divinity back into things.
We then dove deep into Ezekial 37:1-14 and what that scripture means to a creative.
There is not a curriculum for creatives that I know of like the one we are going through.
Now that the 6 groups have gathered we will dive into one on one coaching, then 3 more months of the same.
I look forward to what is to come.
Over 100 more creatives have signed up for the upcoming 2 rounds.
If you are interested in joining this army of creatives sign up for the waiting list here…
I can only imagine the impact this unity will have on the Kingdom of God when we link arms and march towards Christ.

Dream people.
Then go do it.