I’ve been twittering since August 2007.
Until a few minutes ago, I had updated 9,999 times.
I did not want to tweet number 10,000 because I honestly felt like I already talk to much.
So I took a few days to find somebody to tweet for me.
Meet Frank.
Frank was sitting outside my local Starbucks and said hi as I walked in.
So I walked outside, made a friend, and asked him if he could tell 8000 people one thing, what would he say…

Frank is 67.
Frank is a professional arborist.
He got laid off from his job in Valdosta, GA as the city arborist in February.
He has taken care and planted hundreds of thousands of trees.
Frank wanted me to tell you to…
“Be kind to yourself and kind to your mother, as in mother nature.”

Thanks Frank for your advice and for helping take care of mother nature.
I’ll do my best as well.

Here’s to new friends…

and sure, I’d love to take your picture.  😉