It’s actually ridiculous.
When Shout To The Lord came out years ago it was all we could do to contain ourselves before that key change at the end of the song.
I mean you would milk that bad boy.
You know it…
Your congregation knew it…
Darlene knew it…
I think Joel Houston was like 8 when that song came out.
And now he shares the stage with Darlene and Brooke and other ballers as they hit yet another live worship recording out of the park.
It’s seemed like forever now since Hillsong has all but taken over the musical worship world.
But I am ok with that.
Especially when they put out experiences like this one.
Faith+Hope+Love releases 08.04.09
That is a week from Wednesday people.
And if you want to hear AND SEE a track from the album, well you came to the right place.
I’m proud to present to you the World Premier Video of Brooke Fraser’s “I Will Exalt You” exclusively here at Ragamuffin Soul.

A 7 minute gem of a song.
Preorder this badboy here.

It never gets old, these aussies and their tunes.

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