In The Light
[This is an image of Mark. He is a real rockstar. And I think I’m a rockstar for capturing this image.]

Most of you flocked over here to see what sort of egotistical nonsense this title’s about.
I want you to finish that sentence.
The other day my buddy John blogged a great post.
Is “blogged” even a verb?
He wrote on jealousy and who he is jealous of.
I made the cut.
The problem is that everyone reading that post knows as well as I do that John is actually the receiver of more “I wish I was him’s” than any of us combined.
So in the spirit of everyone constantly wishing they were someone else I tweeted this today…

Quit trying 2 B lk that guy. He’s just trying 2 B lk sum1 else 2. thr is more U in U than U’ll even know wht 2 do w/

If you don’t read in twitter dialect I simply said that you rock more than you think you do.
You honestly do.
You are smart, sexy, beautiful, witty people.
And now I’m asking you to get honest.
That thing that makes you better than him or her.
Tell us all.

You are a rockstar because…