Wasabi Gospel from Megan Johnson on Vimeo.

If the name itself is not enough to get you to buy the book, I should be.
You know me. I’m not a book contest blog.
Or at least I suck at being one as the winners of Mark Driscolls contest can attest.
But this guy is the real deal.
Shawn Wood has quickly become one of my favorite persons.
He is real, authentic, smart, sexy, and all sorts of other adjectives.
But BEYOND all that, this book will move you.
Think about it. The gospel of Christ. We treat it like some sort of sugary sweet and sour sauce most of the time.
The truth that Shawn brings in this book is this.
The Gospel of Christ should bring the tear inducing, nasal cavity cleansing, punch that some mean wasabi brings.
Read a Chapter and Buy it here…

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