I have spent far too long away from these two.
They littered me with kisses and hugs.
They climbed all over me when I got home bruising my sternum and squishing my “boys”.
When the 7 year old first saw me, it was a different reaction.
She let out a soft “Daddy”.
Walked over slowly, and stuck her head in my armpit.
I’m pretty sure I smelled like a Jr. High boys locker room after a day of airplanes and airports.
When she looked up at me her eyes were watery.
Is that a word?
She still had a huge yet soft smile on her face.
I let her sit in her emotion for a bit before asking her why she was misty eyed.
When I finally asked her why her eyes were watery, she simply said…
“I don’t know daddy. I was happy daddy. But my eyes were sad.”
I’m assuming this was the first time she cried because her heart was full and not empty.
Or maybe it was a collision of the two.

When was the last time you had a collision of the 2?
Oh. And aren’t they ridiculously gorgeous?