In this world of blogging, twittering, and facebooking, it’s easy to smell a fake.
It’s easy to see the brown on the end of a nose.
It’s easy to think that your online presence is the key to some sort of happiness in life.
It’s easy to try and replace your offline happiness with online euphoria.
Yet when you shut your laptop screen, walk down the hallway, and kiss your wife or kids goodnight, your follower count, unique ip visits, and facebook friends are worth crap.
You see everyone that clicked “follow”, “add friend”, or “leave comment” has thought about you probably a total of 3 seconds of their day.
If that.
Yet your spouse and kids have been thinking about you all day long.
It’s when you realize this, that the scariest and most important truth of the day comes to life.
You can have a rapidly growing online following while the 1, 2, or 3 most important “followers” you have…
May have already hit “unfollow”.