I am proudly announcing today that I am now in a strategic partnership with Faith Search.
They assist churches with executive recruiting to fill staff positions.
So no. I am not helping you find your faith. Go visit Jon for that.
I’m helping you find your Faith. Or Greg. Or Tyrone. Or Teresa.
With the massive network of AMAZINGLY talented creatives that surround me I am joining arms with Faith Search to help churches looking for that right fit.
There are already some churches looking for people like you and I know there are lot’s of YOU’s looking for amazing churches.
I just wanna help.
I wanna take your hand, put it in theirs, and help you go steady.
So. It is quite simple.
If you are a church and you want some assistance, I would love to help you out.  loswhit@gmail.com
If you are a individual looking for an amazing church to work for, I’m your man.  loswhit@gmail.com
William Vanderbloemen and Tony Morgan are my 2 “partners” in crime and I honestly pray that if you are a church in need of finding that right lady or man, you will let me know.
I have studied the process that Faith Search goes through to help you find the right person and I am floored at the spot on vision.
Email me if you are interested and I will be posting opportunities every now and again on RagamuffinSoul.com.

So in the spirit of the post…
How did you end up working where you currently work?