Almost 2 years ago to the day.
It was the longest day of my life.
I woke up at 530 am to go stand on a stage in front a few thousand people I could literally call my family.
I had pastored them in how to grow closer to God through musical worship for almost 10 years.
This would be the last time.
Lots of songs, lots of tears, all day long, and a closeness that made me second guess everything.
The emotion was overwhelming.


I left one of the most amazing moments of my life…walked out the doors…drove to the airport…and took a redeye flight to my new life.
When I landed at the airport I was tanked. Toast. And I also knew I was going to drive up to some ranch for the annual Buckhead Church SPD retreat.
My first 2 days on the job were spent “retreating” with the new team I would lead.
It could have been the worst experience of my life.
Instead it solidified the decision that I had made.
I was welcomed into a tight knit family that would change my life.

That weekend I watched my first episode of the office, accidently said “ya’ll” for the first time in 13 years, played mafia for the first time ever, and fell in love with a group of creative ninjas that would all take part in closing thr gap of Buckhead Church.


Looking at the picture,I almost can’t believe there was a time that I did not know or love those people.
There has been sickness, babies, transition, death, more babies, parties, love, life, struggles, pain, and joy shared.
I would definatley say that one of the most amazing moments of my time at Buckhead Church was again, more than a moment, it was a movement. One where these guys joined arms with me and ran hard towards change and disturbance and disruption in a culture that likes smooth Christianity. They changed my life.
Thank you team.
Keep disturbing and disrupting for the sake of realignment.
Now enjoy being my boss as I assume “contract worship leader” role.
And yea, there is another brown one on the team now.
La Raza