I’ve got 7 days left officially working for this amazing organization.
So I thought I would give you my 7 greatest moments of working here.
This really isn’t as much a moment as it is a journey.
I can honestly say that I don’t think I will ever work for another human being as capable a leader as Jeff Henderson.
People are so consumed with the glitz and glam of the idea of working for North Point that they miss the best stuff.
Yes the buildings are amazing.
Yes the budget is too.
Yes the systems are well thought out.
Yes the people are the best at their jobs.
But I think the unsung hero of this organization is Jeff Henderson.
When the man chooses you, you are chosen for life.
He is your defender, your friend, your counselor, your hero.
The amount of “non job description” energy that he has poured into who I am as a leader is ridiculous.
I have failed on a few occasions.
He has yet to fail me or my family.
I can list out 10000000 things that I remember about working with Jeff Henderson.
Most ending with a great life lesson for me.
But the greatest Jeff Henderson moment for me?
Me kicking his butt in the Buckhead Church 2008 Table Tennis Tourney.
But even before that epic beat down…
I had his back. And I made him this video so he could remember what it was like to actually win at Ping Pong.

All fun aside.
He single handily has showed me more about leadership than anyone, book, or seminar.
All because he didn’t try.
He just was.
Try that on for size.
You just might change someones life.