So I’m not working at a church.
I almost don’t know what to do with that statement.
But people are asking me ALL the time what I am doing for a “living”.
I don’t really know how to answer that question.
So I normally say…”I’m a hustler baby.”
But for those of you who want to know the deets, here is what I’m doing LOTS of…
1. Recording my first project with Integrity Music and Jason Ingram.
2. Coaching 25 creatives a a month on creativity, workflow, and spirituality.
3. Working with the AMAZING team at Catalyst ideating and programming for Catalyst East Coast and Catalyst West Coast.
4. Leading worship at Buckhead Church, next week and YOUR CHURCH… email me and well set that up. 😉
5. Consulting with some amazing churches and organizations on programming, creativity, social media, and carpet color.
Some of the churches I’m working with the in the coming months are Seacoast Church, Courageous Church, and YOUR CHURCH. 😉

So yea. Those are sort of my buckets right now.
I also have this book in me.
Just can’t figure out how to get that out.
But looking at the list above, I should probably wait on that. 😉

Here’s to never typing those lame smiley winkey things again as I have so lamely done all over this post.