The kid in the red shirt above is Forrest.
I don’t know much of his story but I do know this.
He is 15 years old and led the north campus in worship this morning.
He is awkward. He is lanky. He is not a “pro”.
He is also genuine and not trying to be something he is not.

This is something that most know I’m passionate about.
If you read my tweets this morning it was only solidified.
I’m a firm believer in students taking part in leading students in worship.
But I know many disagree with me.
At my current home church, this is not the case.
Old people lead students in worship.
And by old I mean like, me.

I just think that if the 16 year olds are leading other 16 year olds, when they are 26, they will be the cat’s pajamas will special sauce.
Or maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic?
It’s obviously a deeper conversation than my 300 words are giving it.
But just to open it up.
What do you guys think?

Who should be leading students in worship and why? Adults or students?