Tomorrow is my birthday.
Birthdays are actually no big deal for me.
So when I booked a writing session today and tomorrow in Franklin, TN, I just hoped for a phone call from the wife and kids.
Dropping me off at Enterprise this morning she looked at me with a smile and said…”Just one night! Right daddy!”.
I concurred with a sloppy wet kiss (sorry easily offended Christians) and shut the door to walk to the other side and give 2 more sloppy wet kisses (sorry easily offended Christians) to my other two.
By time I had shut the door, walked around the back side of the car, and opened the other door, my emo kid’s eyes were full of tears.
“What’s wrong baby?” I asked.
“Daddy? Who’s going to celebrate your birthday with you?”
Tears are now freely flowing.
“Awe baby. I’m ok. Daddy doesn’t think his birthday is near as big a deal as yours is. I like to save all the celebrating for you, your sister, and your brother. We’ll celebrate my birthday on Monday. OK?”
“But Monday isn’t your Real birthday. Tomorrow you will be without us on your REAL birthday.”

By this point I knew I had lost the fight.
She didn’t give a crap about Monday.
She gives a crap about tomorrow.
And tomorrow she will not be able to saturate me with her love.

It’s so easy sometimes to forget, that even on days that the world tells you are selfishly all about you…
They never are.
A child’s simple understanding of truth is often far more centered than yours.