I looked her straight in the eye.
“NO! I didn’t look at porn! I hit the wrong URL and it went there for a second babe! I closed the page right away!”
I remember yelling this back in 2004.
All the while knowing not only did I type it in on purpose, but I knew that url as well as my own cell phone number.
Sooner than later it came out and suck ensued.
Back to no trust, walls build up, and a slow regaining of trust.
Luckily, the times this has happened in my marriage, whether my wife believed my futile attempt of an apology or not, she chose to forgive.
Why? Because as lame as this sounds…That’s what Jesus would have done.
Yes there were consequences for my actions.
But in the end I was forgiven for the sinner I was.
Knowing that I would surely screw it up again.

Kanye screwed up the other night.
He knows there are consequences for his actions.
I deleted his music off my laptop.
Will he ever know?
Nope.  But you do.
Last night he gave a futile attempt at an apology on Leno.

Do I believe him?
Not really.  Well Maybe.  Nah.  Um.  It doesn’t matter.
Do I choose to forgive him?
I twittered this 2 nights ago…
Picture 4
It’s so much harder to live out this faith I walk then it is to call Kanye a joke.
And at the end of the day…
If Kanye’s a joke…

Then So Is Carlos.
P.S. I hope he wins a grammy next year and Vick wins the Superbowl.