I use this machine to make a living.
Blog from it.
Record on it.
Coach on it.
Write on it.
Consult on it.
Hustle on it.
And while I’m doing all those things that I love, I start to get sucked in.

Sucked in to the lie that “career success” is what I have been created for.
Sucked into the lie that Christians were even created to be famous.
Sucked into the lie that your opinions should somehow direct my living.
This is why I vandalized my MacBook Pro.
The sticker on the bottom right makes me write posts like this one and this one.
It also is a big fat Arial font reminder that I have been given more 2nd chances than anyone deserves.
The postit on the bottom left was stuck on there by my 7 year old.
I didn’t ask her to write it.
She didn’t ask where to put it.
She knew where to put her note.
So when I pulled out my laptop on the plane on the way to Phoenix last week, there it was.
I put my head down and closed my eyes as if to pretend I was falling asleep.
All the while tears the size of Angelina’s lips rolled from the corners of my face.
She didn’t put her note to me in my backpack.
She didn’t hide her note to me on the bathroom mirror.
She didn’t hide her note to me in my Bible.
She hid it where she knew I would see it.
And she hid it where it would punch me right in the gut.
She knows.
She observes.
She cares.
She wants me to know she loves me.
And at the end of the day, my 2nd grader has reminded me that the only reason I am here is to make sure that she, her siblings, and you, become addicted and obsessed with the name and person of Jesus Christ.

So the post it note with the inappropriate pink udders stays laptop bottom left.
And the sticker reminding me not to dive into web 2.0 hate stays laptop bottom right.
And ironically my head is usually right in between those 2 as I type.

May you learn from a child today and try not to teach the world a lesson bathed in selfish ambitions.