Rob is a lawyer.
Maybe he should think about singing his opening arguments.
Rob has a great podcast he runs…
Well done Rob!!!
Here is his song…

06 Victory (Final)

And here are the chords!!!



A   E   D

Verse 1

A         G#               D      F#            E             D

Reach down your hand. Lord, deliver me and rescue me.

F#                       E                     D    A  G#  F#                D              E

From the mighty waters and my enemies. I look to You, my strength, my rock.


A                          G#                                  F#                              D

I will shout and sing this song to you, O God! You, the one who gives victory

A                                     G#                                     F#

You, the one who has told to me. Ask and it will be given you. Oh seek and you will find.


Knock and the door will be opened you, and leave your past behind.


A   E   D

Verse 2

A        G#            D     F#                   E                       D

Praise to you Lord! Lord, what is man that you care for him?

F#                     E                         D    A    G#       D                               E

We are like a breath, just a whisper in the wind. Fragile beings seeking for truth!



F#    G#     D

Bridge(Singing + Insturmental)

F#     G#     D

So we will sing…


Now give Rob some love.
More songs later today…