Hey friends.
As most of you know I spent the majority of my ministerial career at an amazing place called Sandals Church.
I’ve always wanted to write the word “ministerial” and have now accomplished that dream.
That place beat the hell out of me until I was as close to real with myself, others, and God as I could have been.
It is a church my heart will always be at.
If you cut me, I still bleed her.
As the worship pastor I got to experience first hand the joys of being a portable church.
In 10 years I rehearsed in Sunday School rooms across the street, living rooms, garages, insurance conference rooms, you name it.
So when Pastor Matt called me a few weeks ago with this news I literally cried with joy.
I so wish I was in the room to hear this talk Matt gave.

I am so proud of them and am praying for God to literally bust the walls out of their new place.
I know He will.
If you live in southern California, and I don’t care if it’s downtown LA or Simi Valley.
Sandals Church will alter your life in ways you can bet will change every step you make.
They make a church of thousands feel like hundreds.
And the vision of authenticity is addicting for the old and new believer.
I’m proud of you Sandals Church.
Keep pumping your fists!!!

Real with myself, others, and God