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Lately there are 2 camps of worship services I lead at.
There is the aggressively worshiping congregation where you go after it from jump street.
First timer, Old timer. They grab hands and sprint towards the goal of experiencing God in the room.
The service is designed to experience the manifest presence of God through the elements, as unfamiliar as it may be.

Then there is the service that is geared toward making sure that someone far from God, first time back at church, seeking something, can feel comfortable enough to hear a message of hope that is interlaced within the entire service.  The service is designed to protect them from strangeness and give them something familiar. All the while leading them to God.

I lead at both.
Both work for different reasons.
The two also require a completely different mindset and skill set.
They require two different languages.
Honestly like English and Spanish.
As worship leaders we must know the difference.
If words like “Well I lead like this…” ever come out of your mouth then you’ve cut your opportunities in half.
Which is ok.
I just think it’s important to know.
I don’t think one is better than the other.
I do think however that there are lots of opinions as to why YOUR church goes after it the way YOUR church goes after it.

So, that being said…Here is a question for you…
How does your church go after it and why?