3 Things That Fill Me Up Right Now

1.  Catalyst Creative Team – Brad Lomenick and Jeff Shinabarger run this craziness of an ideation factory. Since I left Buckhead Church this is where I get to sit with insanely creative people and dream about how to impact next generation leaders. It is by far the most fun time I am currently having during this season.

2. Writing and recording with Jason Ingram and crew – I always knew that there was a frustrated songwriter in me. And Jason beat the hell out of him and brought him out. The songs we are writing are being written out of the current season I am in with Jesus and the church. Excited, frustrated, and hopeful are definitely ringing throughout the song themes.

3.  Coaching and joining with creatives across the world – The coaching network I’m in is keeping me plugged into the heartbeat of what is going on in local churches all across the world. From ideation process to simple creativity tricks, these guys and girls are keeping me fresh with concepts and ideas.

So yes. Life is full of goodness.
What is filling you right now?