Next week I’m going to be heavily involved at this conference.
It is called Catalyst Dallas.
It pretty much is the monster church leader conference in the states.
It is an inspirational, ministry changing event.
There are all sorts of people who show up at this event.
Those who want to be inspired.
Those who have an agenda.
Those who want to meet a famous Christian.
Those who want to be a famous Christian.
Those who have never heard of Andy Stanley.
Those who loudly hate on this conference yet secretly want to soak up every minute of it.
Those who are a second away from quitting ministry all together and this is the last resort.
And so many more…

Whoever you are, whatever your goals, I want to share a few things with you.
These 3 days can change everything about who you are. They really can.
But leave home your agendas and come as you are.
The world doesn’t need another Andy Stanley, Malcom Gladwell, Donald Miller, Matt Chandler, or Joel Houston.
The world needs you to be obedient in the local community you are a part of.
Now prepare your hearts to be challenged and changed and exponentially infused with God’s love.
Be yourself and come seeking God and this conference will work so much better.
It’s Better That Way