I’m sometimes AMAZED at the amount of drama my children can produce.
If I could solve world hunger with 1,200 vats filled with drama, they could fill those bad boys in a day or two.
We Are the World would be a distant memory.
I mean tonight Losiah dropped down on all fours and started beating his head on the floor because he had to eat one more pickle before he could leave the table.
“It’s a freaking pickle kid” – I said
“Don’t say freaking dad, it’s a bad word”, Seanna said in a monotone voice from across the room.
How did Heather produce an exact replica of herself?
Well, I know HOW she did it, but that’s an after midnight post.

All night long tonight, fight, scream, cry, laugh, whines, drama, drama, drama, drama, drama.
After they went to bed I walked into the kitchen and screamed like a girl at the top of my lungs.
I ran into the living room and onto the sofa.
I was not going to get within 10 feet of that nasty thing.
A shoe, I would feel the crunch. Nope.
The paper, I would miss and it would run by me. Nope.
The broom would only wound it and I would vomit at the sight of if wiggling around for 5 minutes. Nope.
So I proceeded downstairs to grab the vacuum cleaner and chased that thing around the kitchen for 2 minutes until I sucked that bad boy into the hell it belonged to.

And I wonder where they got the drama from?

Roaches and giving massages might be the 2 most tormenting things I can think of in this world.
What brings out the drama in you?