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Starbucks. Johnson Ferry Rd. and Paper Mill Rd. 1:30 pm. South Entrance. Patio Table By Main Entrance. Heather and I working on bills and such…

Me – What?
H – Nothing.
Me – What?
H – I saw you look at her butt.
Me – No you didn’t.
H – Yes I did.
Me – No you didn’t…because I didn’t. You can’t even see my eyes when I turn that way.
H – Yes I can. I can see your pupils.

I turn my head to demonstrate…I can see her out of my peripheral vision…Suck…

Me – Well I wasn’t intentionally looking at her butt.
H – So you did look at her butt.

Dude walks out of door and I look at him…

Me – See. I looked at his butt too. It’s just eye level as people walk out.
H – Well that’s even worse. I’d rather you look at her butt. Now I’m twice as worried.

Sometimes you should just say, yup.