You heard about that worship leader getting drunk that night and rolled your eyes…
That pastor who has been flirting with his secretary makes you nauseous…
You can’t believe they let their kids get away with that…

All the while, from Thanksgiving to New Years, you live the most hypocritical life imaginable.
You stuff your face with food till you can’t walk, multiple times, and gain some lbs. in the process.
You let your serving God replace your knowing God.
You ignore your family because you are too busy volunteering and helping someone else.

I see no difference between the first list and the second list.
So let’s stop using the holidays as an excuse to stop being healthy.
Let’s kick off this season with 30 days of physical, spiritual, and emotional health.

It’s simple.
Choose 3 bench marks you would like to measure those 3 areas with and blog/tweet/facebook/whatever about them twice a week.
Come to my Ragamuffin Soul 30 Day Holiday Health Challenge post and use the widget at the bottom of this post to simply place a link back to your virtual space so our readers can easily go see your progress as well.

It’s that simple.
So pick your 3 goals and fill out the form and comment below so we know you are in.

My 3 goals?
Physical – To fit into these size 34 jeans and this medium shirt.
Spiritual – the memorize 8 key life verses
Relational – to have 4 dates with each of my 4 family members.

Fill out the widget below and let us know in the comment section your in…