So right now it’s a tie.
My fat arse needs to shrink.
When someone is on stage jumping up and down pumping their fist the last thing you want to see is their belly hittin on the 2’s and 4’s.
Since going solo on the work front, wife doing what she does best…taking care of me and the kids, and trying to start a business, my finances need some help in a major way.
I hired PS20 to help with my business accounting but my home front needs some attention.
Spiritually I am kicking right along. Thomas Merton and my daily Bible reading I think might be the only thing keeping me a float right now.
Mentally I’m struggling with bouts of anxiety every so often.
I took a stress test the other day, and let’s just say my current lifestyle is anything but serene.
So let me list these in order of suck right now.
1. Physical
2. Financial
3. Mental
4. Spiritual

That’s what I’m going to be working on in that order in the coming months and I’d love to know your list.
What do you guys need a butt kicking in?
How does your list shape up?
I’m thinking of a way that we can all get healthy together.
Like an online version of what would happen if Dave Ramsey, Jenny Craig, Jesus Christ, and Tony Robbins would come up with if left in a room for 24 hours.
Talk to me…
Where do you need the most help right now?

Physical, Financial, Mental, Spiritual…