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I am moving to Chicago to BE a part of a movement.
Of’ course the movement is initially a selfish one.
I want more transformation in my life.
I feel like this is the community where the next stage of growth in my family’s life will happen.
Some people think I’m crazy.
But I’m just following the story that God has placed in my heart to lead my family with.
So with that, I feel confident in asking you guys to pray about contributing in some way to Soul City Church.
Not it’s not an orphanage.
No it’s not a women’s shelter.
No it’s not a teen crisis center.
But I think it will be ALL these things one day.
I believe in my pastors, Jarrett & Jeanne Stevens – they spent 12 years at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, IL and 3 ½ years at North Point Community Church in Atlanta, GA.

I can only imagine that guy. Let’s call him Carlitos.
In the HUSTLE that is the city life of Chicago.
Hustle, sleep, play, hustle, sleep, play.
He puts his head down every night wanting that other thing.
But he can’t put his finger on it.
I can.
I think this community could be the one he’s been dreaming about and we aren’t even there yet.

There are lots of things that the church needs to get rolling…one would be to create a gathering space where we can communicate the transformational message of Jesus Christ.
You know I’m all about environments.
It’s what I do.

Here is my ask.
If you have resources at the end of the year that you are looking to give away for any reason…
I simply ask that you pray about providing for the Start of a new church at the End of your year.

Your gift will help install sound, lighting and video systems that will be used to create authentic weekend experiences that speak right to the heart of that hustler I was talking about earlier.  Carlitos
Let’s help Soul City Church Start. Click here and give a one-time gift!


PRODUCTION – $50,000

Thanks again for your partnership in this adventure. You are playing a huge role in the Kingdom of God extending in the city of Chicago.