Bobby Gruenewald is one my favorite thinkers in church world.
He is always pushing and moving in directions most churches will only dare go once he has tried.
He had this post on the Swerve blog a year ago that I use on an almost weekly basis in conversations I’m in with churches where “Excellence” is a core value.
I’ll let you go to swerve to read the entire article but I want to sit on this statement for a second…

While there are still many examples where there is not excellence in the American Church, I see a new problem emerging in some places: Too much excellence. You might ask how can you be too excellent? This graph will illustrate my point.”


The graph basically points out that excellence can be achieved quickly but after an initial push it gets more time consuming and expensive to achieve certain definitions of “excellence.

So you know, I believe everything we do should be done to our personal best.
I mean, that’s what my kids stick at the end of the pledge everyday at their elementary school.
But when we grow up it suddenly becomes…
I pledge to do everything at THEIR personal best.
I think that there needs to be a clear message sent out saying…

Excellence does not equal what Church A is doing.
What Church A is doing might be stupidity on Church B’s part.
Church B needs to do what they can with the talents and gifts they have been given.

I’ve seen lots of people come to Jesus without HD.