When I do a google image search for the words “Small Group” I get results with pages and pages of churches.

I’ve been in dozens of “small groups” in my adult church life.
I have loved many of the people in these groups.
But I’ll admit, the group in which I actually did life with the people I met with in our “scheduled” group time was the only group that felt like real community happened.
Every other group I have been in I have made great friends in which I hoped that in the future, I could have community with.
And some of those friends, I have ended up in community with.
But I feel like overall, the small group model might begin the process of true community, but it is not the answer for true community.
What is the answer?
I don’t know.
But more and more peers I talk with are coming to the same conclusion that the system in which they are in feels forced.

Obviously they work. EVERY CHURCH I have been a part of in the last 15 years has used them.
But just like small groups were a result of the current churches frustration with “Sunday School”, what will be the result be from people being frustrated with “Small Groups”.

Here come lots of questions…
What do you guys think?
Maybe I’m a community snob.
Are small groups the answer?
Or just maybe a step towards a better model?
What has your experienced been?