A few things that have my attention right now…


A multicultural, inner city conference which combines the great aspects of teaching and musical worship with hands on ministry in the inner city of one of the most racially divided cities in the United States. Memphis, TN.
You will soak, sing, and serve.
Worship, hip hop, teaching, rap, gospel, rock, all combine to deliver a power packed truly authentic experience.
Collaboration with myself, Lecrae and the Reach Records artists will be one of the greatest musical experiences of my short career.
Witnessing hundreds of people leaving the Orpheum theater, leaving their pens and laptops behind to go clean one of the oldest African American cemeteries in the country which has been neglected for decades will  change you forever.
The faces are different. The names are different. The message is universal.
If it sounds like I’m excited…I am.
Oh. And it’s 49 bones.
Register here.


This American Life, quite simply, this has been on every list I’ve written since 2006. I haven’t missed an episode.
If you communicate story in any way, shape, or form, you must listen to this.
You will become a story snob and your story telling skill set will explode.

Screen shot 2009-12-14 at 1.41.58 PM

Dust Brand Films is the company DJ Dust runs.
DJ Dust spend last TH with me shooting my EPK for my upcoming Integrity Music release.
He is a professional in every aspect yet is as OG in his style as it gets.
I LOVE his take on film making.

He is a creative that many people only know from his days in the band Mars Ill.
And although his DJ skills are amazing, his video skills are equally as dope.
Oh and the fact that he hangs out with one of the most innovative pastors in the city/country doesn’t suck either.

Those are 3 things I’m diggin right now.
Lead us into some new creative places…
What are you diggin’ right now?