The last few months at our Sunday night Soul City gatherings we have been sharing our stories with each other.
Not testimonies.
But our life stories.
All the major events from birth to adulthood.
It has been AMAZING.
Tonight some dear friends were sharing their stories and I got to thinking how truly complicated we all really are.
Yet we want to treat everyone else around us like they are as simple as apple pie.
We are the only complicated ones.
You know that coworker who drives you crazy?
They are that way for a reason. And it’s complicated.
You know that perfectionist who breaks out into hives when you rearrange their desktop?
They are that way for a reason and it’s complicated.
You know that classmate who smells like you should be serving them Thanksgiving Dinner in a food line?
They smell that way for a reason and it’s complicated.
We are all so complicated.

One of the things that makes me complicated is my increasing desire to matter more tomorrow than I do today.
That complication will make me look straight through you in a conversation where I am looking you straight in the eye.
That complication will make me critique you up and down and mentally calculate your skill sets shelf life.
That complication will make me say yes to you knowing full well that I will cancel on your butt if something better comes along.
That complication is also a lie from the devil himself.
That no good piece of crap would love for me to work my tail off for some inauthentic trophy of success and leave a casualty that is my family in the fox hole I’ve jumped out of seeking to be a hero.

This my friends makes me complicated.
So how about you?
You don’t have to dive into the run on sentence nightmare that I dove into…
But please tell…
What makes you complicated?