So a few weeks ago I asked you guys for your opinion on my EP cover.
To rip it apart.
Well I listened.
Overall I heard that you guys wanted a cover that was…ME.
This one was too scary…


This one was too CS Lewis…and when do I really sit by a table a write by candlelight?


And this one was too smiley and headshottey…


The EP is supposed to tell about who you are and who you are not.
At the end of the day we were looking for the image that tells that.
And I think we got it.
About a year ago I took a self portrait shot in the KROG Tunnel in Atlanta with my son Losiah looking pretty bad a**.
Admit it.
He’s gangsta.
When Stephen, Jay, Chico and the kids at Integrity saw it we knew it was the one.
Because honestly, when it comes to who I am as a child of God and a worshiper, I worship Him more through being a father, than I EVER do with a guitar or piano.
So here it is. My face is not on it.
But my son’s face is.
I am behind him supporting his Ragamuffin Soul and will be there no matter what he needs.
The full length album will have my grill on it, but not this one.
We worship God 99% of the time without music.
So I give you the final EP cover.

CarlosEP copy

Jan 26th…iTunes…Thanks for your support friends.