“Sure baby”, I mumbled as I was digging through my backpack to find that check.
It was one of the 1000 times I said “sure” to one of my kids without even really listening to the ask.
She could have asked me if she could strip for a living for all I heard.
And I said yes.
That thought hit me after I found the check.
So I walked upstairs and saw her making a bed on her floor.
“Baby? What are you doing?” I asked.
“Making our bed daddy. You said you would sleep on the floor with me.”
“I did?”
Blank stare back at me.
“I did! Yes I did. Yessirree I did”.
My back began to hurt just thinking of the night ahead.
As I walked away I mumbled…
“She’ll forget by the time I go to bed and be back on her top bunk.”
Emails…blog…24…emails…Nightline…cereal…Hulu short documentary…surrender to my eyelids.
I didn’t even remember my promise to my biscuit head until I walked past her room and saw this…


The note on the pillow read…

Dad.  Right Here

Seanna showed me tonight that even though I have fallen through on countless promises…
She believed with every ounce of her being I would be there when she woke up.
The spiritual implications this life lesson has on me are too numerous to count.

May I trust my Rescuer with the same belief my 6 year old has in me.