I had a dream…
I had an awesome dream…

Remember the other night?
I posted my dream about Jeff Henderson and Joel Osteen.

I was leading worship at Lakewood Church in Houston Texas. It was amazing. Standing in front of that many people worshiping the Lord together was overwhelming. I’ve been intrigued by Osteen for a long time. His story on how he transitioned that church from his fathers pastoring to his has always been inspiring to me.

I was playing the last song…and I remember thinking clearly…The brass sounds AMAZING!
At that moment I turned to see if Joel Osteen was coming up to pray us through the transition and instead of Joel Osteen it was Jeff Henderson.
Jeff looked at me and said…

“Sorry to do this to you Los”…
He stuck me in the neck with some needle.
When I fell to the ground I remember looking to the crowd and they all had Osteen’s face.
Then I blacked out.
I woke up in a cell with Rick Warren, The Pope, Mark Driscoll, and Rev Run.
Rick looked at me and said…”They got to you too huh?”, then started laughing with that deep laugh that he has.

I woke up again…this time for real…with my heart pounding through my chest.

I have no idea what the crap that dream was about, or meant, but I’m having lunch with Joel, I mean Jeff next week and I’m wearing a turtle neck.
And if Joel Osteen reads this…if you see Jeff Henderson in the building, call the FBI.

I half jokingly asked for interpretations…
I got some…
And then I got this…
See Rick Warren is a family friend.
He and my dad go way back. He helped Sandals Church out tremendously though our adolescent years. Saddleback has been very good to me and my faith journey.
But Ricks a busy guy.
Dinner with the Prez. Helping third world countries. You know. That kind of stuff.
So when I got this in my inbox I had to go through all my channels to verify it was from Rick.
And it was…

Ladies and gentlemen…

I give you Rick Warren’s interpretation of my dream…


Hey man, as an experienced but unlicensed interpreter of dreams, I can unlock your wigged out pyche for you.  Here is the honest-to-God meaning of your dream:

“leading worship” – no interpretation needed here. This is obvious.

“at Lakewood –  Lake…you feel like you’re swimming around in something big. Wood.. somehow you’ve managed to stay afloat but you feel you’re drifting.

“intrigued by Osteen” – you wish your hair was curly and you feel painfully self-conscious about your own smile.

“transitioned from his father’s pastoring” – again obvious. Your dad, Fermin, is a spiritual giant, beloved by thousands and thousands of people.  You are loved by your wife. Most of the time.

“last song” – your bladder was full when you were dreaming which gave the dream a sense of urgency.  “Thank God I’m on my last song”

“the brass sounds amazing” – God wants you to consider joining the Salvation Army for your ministry.

“Jeff Henderson stuck me in the neck with some needles – You are carrying enormous guilt for beating Jeff at Ping Pong. You are needled with regret, needled with shame, and needled with remorse over treating Jeff so poorly when he did so much for you.

“the whole crowd had Osteen’s face – dude you’re really obsessed with having curly hair. You need some self-esteem therapy.

“I woke up in a cell” = “I realized I was behind a few bars.” You feared that you were dragging the tempo of the song and you falling behind the crowd and couldn’t catch up.

with Rick Warren = you know I’d be there for you in any crisis. We’ve been buds since you were a kid.  “…and the Pope” = your Hispanic roots are showing  “… “and Mark Driscoll” = Why can’t I live in Seattle?  …”and Rev Run” = since I’ll never have curly hair maybe I could wear a cool hat.

Rick looked at me” = He loves me! He really loves me!

“They got you too huh?” = this represents the metaphysical solidarity with 2000 years of Christian ministers connected from one generation to the next. It is very profound statement that I expect 400,000 purposedriven pastors to preach on this weekend. It’s like, a revelation, man.   Here are the 4 points of the loswhit message for our network:   1) They get all of us unexpectedly.  2) They get all of us uniquely.  3) They get all of us eventually. 4) You need to join the church and tithe.    You gotta love the symmetry of a good outline.

“laughing with that deep laugh he has = I remember Rick saying that stress comes when we take ourselves too seriously and don’t take God seriously enough.

“I woke up” = your bladder signaled your brain that this was all the time your brain could have with this dream.  Don’t be surprised if there is a part 2.  If you need more help, contact me at Minneapolis, Minnesota – that’s all the address you need.

Your loving friend,


Rick Warren

Saddleback Church

Purpose Driven Network

Global P.E.A.C.E. Coalition

I got permission from his office before I shared it and am glad I got the yes…
What do you think Part 2 will be?