Yup.  My EP is out.
Thanks for all the love and support.
You guys helped craft these songs.

Quick note.
iTunes did something HUGE.
They picked Rain It Down as Discovery Download of the week.

Screen shot 2010-01-26 at 12.47.24 AM
This means out of all the artists releasing this week, they chose me.
Sweet mother.
Millions of peeps will now be introduced to Gods face through this song. WOW.
But it also comes with a tiny glitch.
There are now 2 EP’s for sale this week.
Nobodys fault. Just the Discovery Download of the Week created an extra EP.
Both with the same songs but only one with the digital booklet with my kids sweet face on it.
So in order for the right EP to chart correctly would you kindly buy the one with the booklet?
Yes it’s a dollar more.
But the one with the free song will expire at the end of the week and that EP actually “Disappears”.
Then the regular one continues on and on.
So by all means if you need to save a buck…buy the one with the freebie!
But if you have and extra buck buy the one that will help the album chart in the top ten!!!
Here is the link…
But the craziest thing?
No matter what EP people buy, God is going to hopefully disturb and disrupt them with those 3 songs and 9 more in April!!!
I can’t believe I get to partner with the God lovers at Integrity and shake this mess up.

Thanks peeps.