Talk To Me Ragamuffins.
Here’s the deal.
My boy Ben Arment is doing White Board Sessions again this year.
One Day. 7 Leaders. 30 Minutes Each.
Oh. And I’m leading worship and bringing DJ Dust to spin some 1’s and 0’s.
It shall be a day of change in the way you see leadership, the church, and hopefully, worship God.
Whiteboard is about ideas in ministry. The speakers aren’t bringing canned talks. Rather, they’re rolling up their sleeves, putting aside their big speeches, and sharing openly and honestly about their ministries. Whiteboard is like an extended, senior-level staff meeting where presenters talk about 1 compelling idea – be it a proven strategy, a recent epiphany, or a raw, untested idea.
James MacDonald, Tony Morgan, Perry Noble, Eric Mason, Jon Tyson, Albert Mohler, Jonathan Falwell
It’s going to be amazing.

Here’s the thing.
You have to buy your own lunch.
But NOT IF YOU ARE 1 of 50 who sign up for this free lunch with me where we will discuss creativity, worship, and all of our man crushes on Ben Arment.
So yes. You heard right. Free lunch if you sign up here…

And register for the conference at www.TheWhiteboardSessions.com.

When I attended Whiteboard 2 years ago my mind was shaken for weeks.
Come hang and get disturbed and disrupted in a way that will open your eyes to the freshness of Jesus again.
Who’s coming?
Have you been?