Blogs at so 2007.
I’ve been reading about the death of blogs for years.
So let me tell you this.
Even if someday they do disappear…
I’m gonna be that pissed off, wrinkly, stubborn, old man who refuses to sell his 1/4 acre to KB Home development offices and suddenly there is a brand new neighborhood with slick fancy homes surrounding that one dude who didn’t budge.
I’ve always wanted to knock on the door of those homes and give the guy or gal inside a high 5 for sticking it to the man.
RagamuffinSoul will remain till I die.
Or at least until someone offers me 4.5 million for the domain.
Whichever comes first.

People have different philosophies and reasons behind why they are blogging.
Great blogs on strategy, leadership, music, blah blah blah.
And I read lots of those.
This one tends to lean more towards those subjects when I’m running outta things to say.
But at the end of the day…the blogs that work usually do one thing…
Tell life stories.
And here are a few ones you might be unaware of that I have kept a secret long enough.
The blogs that I am reading right now that you probably aren’t reading but need to be reading.


Messy Canvas – I’ve been debating releasing this hidden gem for a while. Just because I don’t want the masses invading my secret creative inspiration.
It’s a blog written by Mandy Steward. She is an artist, author, mom, wife to Tony (who married way outta his league as I did), and flat out dreamer. She does things like find a drawing her kids drew and turns them into stuffed animals.



You’re Welcome.

Next on the list is…


2565141415_03686566fd – Maigh might not be new to you old schoolers. But when I decided to start blogging 5 years ago, hers was the one I read everyday.
It was like a drug.
And she still brings it.
I’ve turned from a fan to a fan and a friend.  She is thinking about rededicating herself to possibly posting a bit more in the future.  But honestly…Who cares.  She has TEN YEARS of posts waiting for you to dive into.
Her writing is like a hot knife through butter.
She’s one of those who you’ll get to read for free until somebody reminds them or shows them that they are actually amazing authors.
Don’t let her know.
You’re welcome…



PearMama – Or Denise Silva Cortes. Sandals Forever. La Raza. IE for Life. Simply, she reminds me of home.
Denise is one who I’ve only had like 2 conversations with.
Yet we went to the same church for YEARS.
Right after I moved to the ATL I discovered this blog.
It was hilarious. I told everyone about it. I told my wife about it.
She said…”That’s Denise Cortes’ blog”.
I said…”No it’s not.”
But it was.
Denise has a gift with words that will let you into the soul of someone raising like 47 kids. At least I think it’s that many.
From conversations about her kids getting caught spraying graffiti to her kids fear of growing man boobs.
Go read her and tell her I said hey.
She is the special sauce.
You’re Welcome…


So there you have it.
There is obviously a lack of dudes on that list.
I think it’s because we are so busy trying to impress the online world that we matter we have forgotten to write about what really matters…
Our lives…
Bring it.