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I woke up at 615 this morning…got ready…drove my kids 20 miles south to school…drove 40 miles north to Oak Leaf Church…drove 25 miles back south to our pad…picked up the wife and kid and drove 20 miles back south to school again.
I was tanked.
I DID NOT want to play along.
I had literally 45 things I needed to have done yesterday waiting for me.
I had a headache.
My voice is still not 100% and I am leading at New Spring this weekend.
Did I mention the 45 things I needed to have done yesterday?

I sucked it up…
Walked down the hall…
Into the Frogs classroom and Seanna’s smile changed my world.
She started bragging to everyone that her dad can sing and when the kids saw the guitar case…I might as well have been Nick Jonas.
Soon after Sohaila’s 2nd grade class came pouncing in.
There were my 2 girls…looking nervous and excited at what was about to occur.
I taught them about the parts of the guitar.
I sang a few kid songs.
They looked happy.
I was about done when I had the thought…
I looked for the shy kids.
Me to shy kid #1…”What should the song be about?”
“A chick”, she said.
Me to shy kid #2…”Where does the chick live?”
“In a gate”, shy kid #2 said.
“THAT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!” screamed not shy kid #1
“Why yes it does. IT makes perfect sense” I assured shy kid #2.
My to shy kid #3…”What does the chick like to do?”
“Ride in her wagon”, she said.
“What color is the wagon?” I asked.
Seanna screamed out…”BLUE”.
She’s not shy.
Me to shy kid #4…”Where is the chick going in the wagon?”
“To the mall”, kid#4 said.
This was getting good.
“What’s the chick gonna buy?” I asked the class…
“CLOTHES!” they all screamed. In unison. Only in East Cobb.
And so I fiddled around with them for a melody for about 60 seconds.
Taught them line by line…
And then it happened.
The song.

The 45 things are still waiting for me…
But my kids are now dreaming of me.