Screen shot 2010-02-17 at 10.02.55 AMThe Christian blogosphere is a crazy place.
It’s full of egos, agendas, jealousy, shadiness, envy, bitterness, and a little bit of Jesus.
Sounds a lot like the church these days huh?
Pot calling kettle here so back off pharitweets.
There are Church ranking sites that rank churches based on influence ect…and the very same bloggers who rip the Church ranking lists proudly display their Blog rankings next to others.
And at the end of the day I have to keep telling myself and you…
It’s crap. It’s all a load of bull. Your stats. My stats. Your amount of comments. Your blog awards.
They are easy to manipulate.
Ready for the secret?
Write about sex, alcohol, rip a church, cuss a little, and ask for retweets and your blog will rise in stats.
That was free.
Jesus is not impressed with your or my blog.
While we are stroking our ip addresses like million dollar family heirlooms I’m fairly certain Jesus could care less and is WAY more impressed with the nun down the street who has given her life to serve others and serve the Lord.
And I’m pretty sure the nun wouldn’t even share the heights and depths of her dedication to the Lord if you paid her.
It’s her Lords alone.
Let’s make sure during this season where we get to remember the Lords sacrifice to us, not to whore our dedication to the Lord out to impress people.
Because remember, the Lord could not be less impressed with you or I.
But the good news is…He loves you WAY more than your most impressed blog reader.

Satisfy us Lord in Your unfailing love…