So my family at Integrity Music and I have been doing this cool thing where instead of us giving something away online, like most things going on, we are asking people to give things away themselves to make their communities a better place.

We have given to the homeless, to Haiti, to strangers, and this week my girls get in on the action as they explain what this weeks giveaway idea is.
Go check out the site at and join in!
But first tell me how freaking amazing my kids are.

Here’s the real tale…

And you know what is crazier…My kids have literally grown up in front of you guys…
Here was their first YouTube appearance 3 1/2 YEARS AGO!!!

As they grow older, they shall slowly disappear off my blog as they develop their amazing little opinions and self images.
But I thank you for praying, loving, and caring for them in a really strange yet beautifully virtual way.
Daddy Los