I don’t get it.
OK. Well maybe I do.
My wife has this UNREAL fascination with the Amish community.
She reads books about them, watches movies about them.
MAKES FRIENDS with them.
She has this friend named Danny.
Danny is the leader of his Amish community about 45 miles outside Nashville.
It started so innocently…
Then we bought a bench from him…in which he mailed us a handwritten letter when it was done.
Then they became pen pals.
Now…when most people go to the Amish community to drive by the houses and stare…they are likely to see my wife in the window sipping on coffee and the kids playing with chickens and tires in the front yard.

In all honesty…i LOVE this about my wife.
It makes her so unique and I love the joy I see in her when she gets to visit her new friends.
I just got this text message…


What “strange” or “unique” quirk do you or your significant other posses that makes you…you…or them…them…