10 Years ago in May, I married my wife.
I’ve learned sooooo much I thought I would start documenting what I’ve learned on here.
This is what I have learned from my in-laws since the day they’ve let me into their family…

1. I have learned how to change the alternator in my car.
2. I have learned what Mama Barkumes reaction when I call her and say…”Mama. I’m so sorry. We’ve been in an accident. I don’t know how Heather is. They won’t tell me anything. She’s in the ambulance. I’m so sorry.”
3. I’ve learned how to take my steering wheel off to fix the steering column. All over the phone.
4. I’ve learned how much a wife craves the love of her mother in a way a husband could never understand.
5. I’ve learned how to change the oil in my car.
6. I’ve learned more about faith, strength, and love from a couple who don’t call themselves Christian than I have from most Christians.
7. I’ve learned how to change the starter on my car.
8. I’ve learned that Multiple Sclerosis might take your strength away…but it doesn’t take your strength away.
9. I’ve learned how to check my head gaskets.
10. I’ve learned that in order to know how to best love your wife…you watch her father love her mother.

I’ve been lucky…