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So I led worship at this conference this weekend.
The conference was in Memphis TN.
One of the most racially divided cities in America.
As I walked out on stage before the first set I saw white, black, asian, hispanic, and many other races.
When I walked off stage I no longer saw any race.
I’ll be the first one to admit I was nervous how these different cultures would come together and go after it.  Well.  That worry lasted all of about one measure.  They ALL went after it together when rock and roll happened and then when hip hop happened.
It’s only been a little over 2 years since I left Sandals Church but I’ve already forgotten what that looks like.
And at the end of the entire event…
I couldn’t help but ask myself why our churches are not more racially diverse?
The easy answer is we like to hang with our own.
I get it.
But I want the hard answer…
Because what I saw this weekend…
Well, heaven is going to look A LOT more like this weekend and A LOT less like what you experience on a Sunday morning.

Chew and spit on that ragamuffins…