Well.  Tomorrow it becomes official.  Team Whittaker will be a home schooling family.
As you can see from the picture above we have really taken this home schooling thing to heart.
We even adopted a few more white kids to make it feel a bit more normal.
Home School Here We Come!!!

I kid. I kid.
Here’s the deal.
I love public school.
I love what it did for me.
I love what it did for Sohaila’s the last 3 years.
I love what it did for Seanna’s confidence this year.
We really love our kids being in public school.
But with the amount of traveling I am doing and the crazy schedule I keep when I’m home we thought that this would be the best solution for the Whittaker family during this crazy season of tours, conferences, albums, books, and puppet shows.
We have LOT’S of support as a TON of our friends home school and their kids are turning out ok.
Heck. Some of my favorite people were home schooled.
In fact, I REMEMBER when he was being home schooled.

Honestly…when I was growing up…the home school kids…well…they were a bit little house on the prairieish.
And I thought it was the home school that did it to them until I met their parents.
Then I realized they were just the spitting image of them. 🙂

Homeschooling causes debates like breastfeeding and politics do.
People SWEAR by one or the other.
I swear by whatever works for your family during the season of life that you are in.

So I’d like to know…
Were you public schooled, private schooled, or home schooled?
Will or are your kids public schooled, private schooled, or home schooled?

I’ll be right back. I gotta go french braid Sohaila’s hair and tie that bad boy up in a scrunchie…